MEG 2012 Day 1 First impression…

The first seminar I attended was a Nordicom seminar on youth and Internet. It is interesting to listen to such a presentation of, for me, ‘exotic’ research. According to the author, Olle Findahl (and Nordicom?), Internet was invented during the 1990s, television was initially not for children or youth, ‘Internet’ as category can be separated from ‘listening’, ‘viewing’, and ‘reading’, gaming is not counted for, etc. Terms as ‘modernist’, ‘traditionalist’, ‘advanced’ users were left unexplained.

Commentators Göran Bolin, professor in media and communication, and Martin Danielsson, doctoral student in media and communication, struggled hard to historicize and contextualize the results, and problematize categorizations (such as gender, class, education – life!) that were not considered by Findahl. (To present such a report March 8 is certainly a statement by Nordicom).

Olle Findahl and Nordicom director Ulla Carlsson showed an amazing ignorance of cultural analysis, theory, and history, of media. Still Carlsson talked about the value of interdisciplinarity. But how is that possible, when this kind of work is their default input. As a comparison the recent report on Iranian Internet censorship by the Digital Methods people at University of Amsterdam work on a completely different level.

The following keynote lecture by curator Maria Lind on art institutions and art as critique, sadly attended only by approx. 20 people, brought back focus on ‘media’, as that thing that extends other things, and by that say particular things that matter!

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